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Directly west of the bustling Capitol city of Jirsidain is the Large Stone trail that leads to a monument to rival the architecture of the gods. The Black stone Marble Monument stands stretching its way height wise, and is built with the darkest of spires to be seen on the outside. Large Walls that form in a irregular leveled wall that surrounds the main body tower of the castle itself. The air wreaks of a Dark Miasma, a curse laid by the many working dark magic sentinels that line the innards of the wall to hold forth a barrier for magical strikes from the outside. The Guards all clad in the blackest of armor with golden trim patrol every second with the most wicked of spears, Some will carry bows with arrows in the Higher ground. They have places where there are holes for what would be the kings Flying army of demons to exit and patrol the skies. The castle is also Guarded By two lieutenants whom are both beings of magic sentient energy. They are not but beings connected to the castle as its true guardians.

One of the demons Carries a wicked Sword and Shield, while the other carries a large axe. They can leave the castle easily but by word of the king they will be transported back to the main gate. The Titans were bred for battle in the connection of black mana and could never be killed anywhere but in the premises of the Kingdom. This only one small defense the king had for his mighty empire. Due to massive Paranoia of Avariels words. As you walk past the massive doors of the gate to the medium sides double door set to the massive castle hidden within you notice the statues of the dragons that wrap there paws around the world showing their dominance. The streams of water that flow from their mouths are bright blue purest of water in the outer Courtyard with beautiful flowers and assortments of shrubs and bushes. You finally enter the Main Hall through the black doors.

The inside was a beautiful assortment of marble floors with black and red carpets that draped the floor to decorate it neatly. The halls were narrow off to the sides and led to outer parts along the wall. The hanging gardens was decorated in statues of the war that had been won by this mighty king. flowers decorated with dreary thorn bushes. It rested upon one of the Higher walls to the great empire and more other spots and wicked stairs connected it to other platforms. the left hall from the Main Hall led to the outdoors where you could begin your march along the wall. Though you would surely have to either have access or fight your way up the serpentine spire like wall. There were so many other door ways along the tainted halls with their wicked arches but none really stuck out other than the basement which lead to the torture chamber and dungeon as well as a shrine.

The opposite hall would lead to the horse stables where armored horses rested with their secret path way that would let them take off at unmatched speed in times of need. there was the armory and shooting ranges. where the archers of the empire practiced there marksmanship to perfection. swordsman fought and trained and warriors were hardened into what the king needed them for. Weapons lined rooms and barracks and bunkers of so many rooms made the castle a fortress capable of handling more than thousands of soldiers trained for battle.

Looking straight forward past the draping black flags with the dragon symbol the king so favored, you could see the large grand stair case. It was also marble decorated int he same red rug with the golden trim as before. Though atop the Stairs a Large Library rest open to those that could begin to imagine it. though right int he middle past the library was a stair set that led to the massive throne room, So large in its mass as you walked in... well the rest is untold. On either side of the grand room filled with wonder the halls had four other large rooms designated for the kings personal generals only. and decorated to each their liking. though behind the kings mighty throne room a large stair case led to the top of the winding spire rooms along the way filled with treasures and riches, though the top floors were for the kings beloved daughter, and himself there final resting area. No one dared come near these towers, lest they risk being immobilized by magic, shot down by arrows, or crushed/impaled by ballistae or catapults. this kingdom was truly a fortress. of which no other had stood.


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