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Shaodorai Forest Empty Shaodorai Forest

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The forest is filled with giant trees that grow so tall you can't even see the tips of the trees. The bark of them has a red tent to them, the sound of a creek echoes through the trees as you pass through to Ethael. There is a patch that is fairly rough that runs through it. The outskirts of the trail are hard to see through from the over growth of plant life where Fairy sprites tend to nest. They may have sweet look to them and can lore you in with their wicked ways. They animals that roam the woods do not bring harm since they are respected by the Avariels. The chances of you being attacked are slim, unless they are hungry old and bitter. Guards of Ethael may stop you on this path if you are not an Avariel and if they do not approve of your presence in Ethrael then you will not enter.


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