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Sandura Castle Empty Sandura Castle

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Closely related with the king of the old era, The Sandura Land was known as a massive fortress and allied civilization to the empire. Its Sand Built strong walls and ways of harsh training made it excellent in military progression. It was a place where soliders were built and hardened for the calamity of War; until such a time when the New King took over the Empire, and deemed that "If the Soldiers that were trained there can't stand to just me, then why do I need them in my forces?" This logic caused the military base to be shut down, and so it turned into a much more civil peaceful area. The man Saccuro, who had always ruled, still taught the values he honored, and respect was given until just recently when the arrival of the Kings General and Personal armies. The palace is now set to mere mystery as to what happened. It is said that one of the King's leading generals is stationed in this area with a unit all to his own for strategic purposes.


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