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Ethael City of Avriel Empty Ethael City of Avriel

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As you walk through a dense part of the trees the smell of sweet spices fills the air and songs can be heard in the native tongue. You see what looks to be a small village of people. Medium size huts made of leaves, twigs, some stone for the steps and flooring, They are spread around with little children of all ages either wandering around, huddled around an old wise woman, watching someone cook or making their own creation. It was a school, which most humans might think was a poor part of the town since there were no roads made of stone or no bricks to hold up the huts. But as you wandered past the small school a path made of smooth black and torquiest rocks spread down to what began to look like more of a city. Building made of marble or brick lined the pebble path. The buildings were stores of either spices, books, plants, clothes or jewelry.

The clothe shops were filled with fabric of all colors, mainly natural ones you could find through out the trees. If you wished to buy clothes you picked what colors you'd like and they make something that would fit you and their traditions best, it is best to know the person making your clothing and their traditions if you want them to be a certain way. The jewelry shops are always bright and have happy loud people in them. The jewelry here only has big fancy necklaces or head dresses, no rings, bracelets, ear rings or other jewelry. All the other shops were bland but had extraordinary people at them who would tell you the history of every item they could sell you. Over head of all the shops were streams of ivy vines connecting to each building on the other side of the path that had small orbs of light placed at random on the vines.

Once you reached the middle of the city there was a natural spring that flooded down into a deep pit filled with water. Tiles of bright colors spread out ward from the spring till it reached the pebbled path. Around the spring were giant slabs of stones placed into the hill as steps to reach the house of the great leader Baelaith, meaning guardian of home. His home is made the same as the huts only much bigger. His thrown is placed in the front room of his hut where the doors are opened 24-7 for the people to come and go as they please but he never sits in his throw, he thinks it shows he wants power and not happiness over his people. Instead he always walks around the natural spring watching over his people like the guardian he is.

If you were to turn to your right and walk past the spring you would find an open circle where Avariel's talk and greet one another. on the outside of this giant circle are trees made into homes, some huts around the bases of them. These trees all have been a birth place to a child or adult roaming the area or maybe one that has past. On the bark of some trees people have taken time to carve the past of the tree. People fly from tree to tree, some people walk around and around singing, constantly, some talk in song, as believed this was the way of our ancestors. In the middle of this giant circle stands individual statues of Avariel's, every leader that they have ever had all there together.

If you were to turn left instead you would have found the end of the black and torquiest patch and find a wide lake that had great mountains behind it. Just before the lake started there individual slabs of rock for people to sit and meditate, calm themselves, pray, or just to sit. If you were to turn away from the lake there you would see a hut that was high up in the trees. This would be the home of the Avariel leader. Once they return to their home they live before the lake to be at peace when war may be near. Underneath the hut in the trees are white stones with lists of names of those we have lost over the millions of years.


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