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The Great Mass of trees that paints the land of Tarius is one of the most Dreadful Areas in the whole continent. This is said to be a place where all the negative Mana is stored and harnessed into the wildlife that inhabits it. The forest is filled with a race rarely ever seen, though more dangerous than most other enemies; these creatures go by the name of the Fallen. The Fallen are the Avriel that chose a life away from their clan and the ones that were banished. They haunt the forest with magics that some specters don't have access to. Draining life from the forest itself to practice their wicked magics. You will find Phantoms and Wraiths in this land; the Centaur have all been corrupted. Ents are wicked creatures in this land and the lions mane is set in fire. Wolves Rabid and dangerous are what the creatures Ride Upon, their skin taking the form of molded flesh. They carry tribal symbols and randomly move from their forest with their brutal methods, in order to kill all who stand in their way. (More commonly known as Orcs). This Land as well as its brother is most definitely a no-mans land.


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