Dragon Rising Port / Jirsidain (Capitol City)

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Dragon Rising Port / Jirsidain (Capitol City) Empty Dragon Rising Port / Jirsidain (Capitol City)

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This is a social commercial district to the empires grand capital city. It is where the navy of the empire is trained. Also the worst possible slum land in the continent. This is the home for thieves who seek fortune, and the port for any boat docking or transferring goods. Pirates are very well known to hang around this particular area of Dragon Fell Country, so that they can enjoy the best pubs in the entire continent. This branches directly off of the capitol City. Jirsidain is Known to be a military city. Most that live there are put up in very well fashioned wealthy houses and are in charge of other matters all across of Iraiah. The buildings of the city are high off the ground, with several stories that resemble Manors. Around the Great City is a large wall with constant patrols and off to the west is the Empire.

RP here if you are in the port or the Capitol, except the Castle/Empire its self.


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