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Rules of the Dragon Born RP Empty Rules of the Dragon Born RP

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:47 pm

1. We want this to be a drama free environment for anyone who wishes to role play without hassle. This is especially important for both the survival of this rp, and the precedence that will follow if it is to survive.

2. As far as character building: This is a very realistic form of RP. As such, we incorporate most of the restraints of humans into our characters. There are just a few exceptions, which I will cover later on. Remember; the characters produced from this RP are NOT 'Godly', even if you're a Dragon Born. You are just as easily killed as the next, speaking under mortality limits. This goes with the exception of specters, whom have certain procedure to be taken when killed.

3. This RP is story based, so I ask of you this: please don't go off on your own, making up weird places not already mentioned by us, without consulting us about it first. Name wise for cities I usually have no issue, however please keep it under the same guide lines the story will follow.

4. No ooc except for in the designated ooc thread, and the chat box. The only exception to this rule is to explain something within your post. After the situation is explained, one of the mods will go through and delete the material, or ask you to to save us the trouble.

5. Chat Box rules: we have had a past of people whom just linger in the chat box, even if they have posts to reply to. We cannot have this, or the progression of this site's story may falter. So, in order to fix this problem, we ask that you remain out of the chatbox until you have replied. Anyone who is lingering in the chatbox excessively even after being warned once; instead of replying, will be temporarily kicked, until the time they reply to their partner's post, and will be allowed back when they have finished to resume OOC chatting. Of course, a moderator will warn you before hand in the chatbox; if we receive no reply, and you are not afk, then we reserve the right to kick you temporarily. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be a punishment. We simple would like to keep the RP rolling as quickly as possible.

6. When fighting/sparring: NO God Modding, Auto Hits of any form, Bat-Manning, etc. You do not have to take damage every turn, but please try to be as realistic to the situation as possible. For example, there is no way you will evade every single cut in a sword battle. No one is simply that good. And if you do not know the technical terms listed above regarding fights/spars, simply ask a fellow RPer, or a moderator.

7. Small over view: The Dragon Borns are people that are inhabited with the spirit of the Dragon, which is instilled at birth. They are the only ones capable of getting close to these monsters and taming them, by connecting on a spiritual, soul-link level. In this sense, they are bound to each other, and if either dies it will harm the other greatly. They have slightly enhanced strength, and are much more agile and graceful on their feet. Think of them as a cross between elf and human, minus the wings.

7.1 Magic is a basic essential in our land. There are a number of magic-based characters in this land, including: Witches/Wizards (Human-like magic wielders/mages); The Elven Race (Elves always have a Devine power in magic, and an outstanding amount of Mana); Then you have Specters (Shadow Demons who seemingly go without a face, can only access Black Magic); and finally, the Dragon Born (Dan use magic of all types, though their affiliation will dictate which they specialize in). Magic is amplified in a few different ways: Wand (The basic spell caster, especially powerful with small spells like bolts); Staff (Powerful spells involved with a lot of mana consumption, but amplified energy); Incartium (A Book of one Multi cast spell, It is the most powerful of all magics but only comes with one style of spell per book :Charge attack if you will:); and finally you have the Hand Casters (Symbols are drawn from mana into the air, to cast any spell they desire with least mana consumption, yet slightly weaker spell power). The final thing to know about magic, outside of the fact that you can do almost anything with magic, is that the final form of magic is Black Magic. This magic is evil and deadly, and has its own unique requirements for HUMANS that want to use it. For humans to use Black Magic, they must first learn the art of soul harvesting, which should be developed over time in the story. This is needed so that they can gather souls as a form of ammunition for their dark magic spells. Specters are exempt from this rule, due to the fact that they have no soul, and are essentially the essence of Black Magic itself.

7.2 The Only Available races at this time, unless prior discussed, are as follows: Humans, Elves and Specters; Sub-Classes include Mages and the Dragon Born. The Dragon Born are selected by only myself. If I see that you are doing well in the RP and hold specific interest when it comes time to add more into the story, you will be offered the position of making a Dragon Born character.

Finally; Thank you all for reading this short Little Tutorial. I hope you enjoy RPing here, and I look forward to reading all of your stories. Please go fill out the Character Sheet in your profile tabs list, and feel free to get started.

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