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The vast land of Iraiah has been ruled by Humans since the very start of life. Down through the ages, the world has been bruised by blood shed and pain; such is the human nature. Greed took its toll, and the humans sought for more than they could possibly hope to handle. In the cities of the ancient forests, a special, humanoid race was born, back-clad with majestic wings that such as the birds themselves; the Avariel race, a proud and dignified people. These people were the keys, unlocking the secrets of magic and mana no other had even dreamed of; and soon, it started to spread, branching across the world through the trees' great seeds. The seeds traveled, and eventually found themselves in certain children's food. And as these buds of magic were consumed, so flourished those seeds of contained magic within them. This resulted in the birth of Mages; Humans whom had the power to manipulate mana in their own right. With the creation of magic in the human world, things started to plunder.

The humans contained a new found lust of greed, for a power they couldn't even begin to comprehend. The elves slowly became sickened with the humans for abusing the gift they had unfortunately given to them. It wasn't long before the humans learned to harness the magical energy, and blend them into such distorted proportions of ill-intention, that a new race of pure dark energy was created: The specter, a demon whom can manipulate black magic without boundary. These creatures found their favorite game to be deception; manipulating those whom felt they had power to their own will. This carried on through the ages, specters being the single greatest enemy to the elven race. Massive wars were waged, trees were burned, homes were lost, as well as lives. Eventually, a day came when the purest of the elven village went to the great tree that they prayed for for their restoration of mana. The woman's tears overflowed, staining the earth beneath her crippled form; and as these tears seeped down into the very roots of the tree, it began to glow. Its great vines wrapped around her face with a soothing grace, leaving scars upon her damp skin in their wake. The tree's roots began to spread, moving through the depths of the earth of the entire forest. The trees that had been maimed by war the day before now regrew, as if effortlessly, and the lives that had been lost had returned. This was forever known as the Rebirth, and so The Day the Dragon Born came to be.

As a last token of its miracles, the tree slowly split in two; and from its womb, there came a crystalline, white dragon. With eyes like sapphire jewels, the dragon looked upon the woman's own, and a connection deeper than the roots of the great tree itself had spawn between them; this woman became the first Dragon Born. Avariel rode upon the flying beauty to face the army of specters, raining hues of purple liquid jet fire. The specters, upon seeing such a magnificent dragon, fled for their scraps of lives. Those who fought merely crumbled beneath the might of the dragon and her rider. The forest now save, legends of the Dragon Born spread throughout Iraiah, and as the ages came to pass, others were born under the same mark of the Dragon Born legend. The star that guided them became an element of diverse study and research, and just as quickly, the sky was full of these wonderous creatures. The Dragon Borns created a secret pact with one another, and maintained their own forms of alliance. It wasn't until one day that the affiliation of the Dragon Borns started to shift. A young boy of royal blood, whom was exceptionally good at what he did, snuck into the nest of his older brother; whom happened to be a dragon born. He stole his brothers egg and fled from the village; desperately lusting for the dragon to hatch, and choose him instead. When the fact arose that the dragon simple would not hatch, his mind started to slip into madness from the disappointment, and finally grew tired of waiting. Taking his great sword, he delved the silver tip into the eggs fragile shell, crushing the beast within.

The dragon died just in time for his brother to find him; then crumble to the ground, screaming in agony as his other half was torn away. The younger boy looked down upon the dragon born brother with the coldest of eyes, and in his weakened state, the boy laid him to rest with a final cut. Spitting on the remains, he returned to the village with the deceased corpse, convincing the rest of his village that the dragon had finally hatched, and had killed his brother on the spot for being too weak. The village welcomed the news with despair. And as this story spread to the elves' ears, they new better than to be so close minded in believing that a dragon would do such a thing to its born double half; they knew of the man's evil doing. What spawned from this, though, changed their entire belief system; possibly forever. The younger boy grew old over time, with nothing standing in his way, now that his brother was dead; until one day, that the largest dragon ever to be seen appeared. A creature black as night, with flames that intimidated hell itself; it swept upon his village with, leaving in its wake a trail of corpses, right before his eyes. As he lay there amongst the rubble and cobble stones, the dragon approached him; dipped his head to the man, and with eyes straight forward, the connection was made. The man was made a Dragon Born.

The scar of the dragon burned its way onto his back for an eternity, and in that instant he took his first slight, crazed smile stretching to bellow his maniacal laughter. The elves were infuriated by the news of such an occurring; they would never except that a dragon had chosen such a devil to be its rider. However, the facts plain before their eyes were less than possible to ignore or deny, and from then on they swore defiance against the Dragon Born "Heroes", cutting all ties between their elven race and the unfaithfulness of the dragons. Time went on, and the evil dragon born rode upon his dragon, displaying his power where ever he went. The kind King Dynamus, whom ruled the land with the best possible intentions for his people, felt this man to be a monster in need of being put down for good. Dynamus summoned forth the legion of the dragon born, and they flew off together to meet this devil. One by one the dragon born fell to this demon, who had unlocked some form of power that corrupt the soul to its roots; the blood of these fallen heroes painting the skies a crimson that could never fade. After this, the man went into hiding, building up his pawn pieces slowly, and killing off the rival Dragon Borns.

In the end, only three remained: One of them disappeared, and the other Avariel with her white dragon Liliath, fought the evil monster outside the Grand empire. The Black Demon pinned the dragon with its claws to the tower, before it would end its life once and for all. And Avariel's life slowly slipped, words of a prophecy breached her lips. "You will rule this land and become a powerful emperor with everything you wanted; women, soldiers, generals. But take my word, when the next dragon like Lillith shall rise, you shall fall!" The Evil man smirked at her comment and ended her life as his dragon sunk its teeth into Lilith's throat, allowing them to tumble to the depth below. Free of any obstacles, he moved in swiftly, killing all in his path. He killed Dynamus without a seconds thought, and the throne was his: Now the Evil King Daghbor. The land of Iraiah soon fell into a deep depression. The king demanded funds of all types to support his greedy ways, and the people became hostile with each other. Bandits arose, as well as your typical sell sword. It was a world of chaos, and seated atop this world say Daghbor himself. As the years faded away, however, he become more and more paranoid at the fact that the woman's foolish prophecy was truly starting to unfold, piece by piece. He created a legion of four great generals, whom was serve as his royal gaurd; one being his ace in the hole, as he had found the dragon born boy. Saer, as he was named, was taken from his village and trained to become the kings ultimate hunter, awaiting the time when the final piece would unfold. "When the next Dragon like Lilith shall rise, you shall fall!" These words would come to haunt him, until the very day he would perish himself.


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